Secondary Practice Name Added

​On January 1, 2015, Thunderbird Internal Medicine will change our company name to Arizona Internal Medicine Specialists.  There are no immediate plans to transition to this as a working name.

How will this impact me?

We will continue to be known as Thunderbird Internal Medicine in signage, online, in-office, and in-print.  The only changes you may notice are receipts, bills and credit card charges showing Arizona Internal Medicine Specialists or AIMS.

Why did you change the name?

Thunderbird Internal Medicine is a founding member of a group of medical practices called Arizona Primary Care (APC).  With the many changes in the health care industry in recent years, it has become important for independent practices, like ours, to have strength in numbers for contracting and other business negotiations.  The name change was initiated for legal purposes as part of our membership with APC.

Does this mean there is new management?

No.  Thunderbird Internal Medicine continues to be an independent group of physicians and allied health care professionals devoted to promoting life-long health.

Will I notice any change to me care?

Absolutely none!

Our Providers
Dr. Felix's medical knowledge partnered with her compassion makes her a credit to the medical profession.